Travel date from 10 to 20 February 2022.

This year we will go on a completely different route and visit the new and original places of the island.
The first two days we will spend in the capital Havana. We will make photos at the local streets of the city and also go to the beach of Tropico.
Havana has more than 100 sandy beaches that meet world standards. Beach Tropico (Tropico) is no exception, but differs from others in that it is separated by rocks from the main beach line. Tourists have not heard about Tropico, because the path to it is hampered by rocky elevations, but once people get here, they want to visit it again. The place is not covered with palm trees and fine sand, however makes the Tropico beach suitable for privacy. Near Tropico there are numerous islets, waterfalls, caves and mud springs.
Further our route will be to Soroa. There are a flowering orchid garden and a magnificent waterfall.
This excursion will plunge us into a world of rampant tropical nature, filled with thousands of species of plants and animals. We will not only capture the views of the majestic mountain waterfalls, smell the rare tropical flowers, but also will cool in the clear waters of the mountain rivers of Cuba.
Next day we will spend in the park Montemar. Zapata.
Next, the highlight of the tour is the city of Trinidad. Three days we will shoot near two waterfalls, in the park of El Cubano and Topes de Collantes. And of course on a colored city with ancient streets, including on a parquet street!
Kos Ancon is what Trinidad is famous for and proud of. The spit, more than 6 km long, is located 12 km from Trinidad. Here are the best beaches of the southern coast of Cuba: Maria Aguilar and Ancon.
The Salto El Rocio waterfall is located in the Sierra de Escambray mountains. At any time of the year the waterfall is magnificent: its powerful streams of water from the Melodioso river break down and fall with a deafening roar from a height of 20 m. If you go downstream and go 400 meters further, you can see another waterfall, already smaller. Between them is a basin with water formed by the force of water, in which you can swim.
The parquet street is the only street in the world, paved with wooden parquet. In the historical part of Trinidad there are many old streets covered with cobblestones, tiles, paving stones, pebbles. And they are all perfectly preserved. It seems that the city is frozen in time. But among all its unusual streets this one is the most unusual.
The next two days we will spend in the city of Santiago de Cuba.
There we will visit the parks of Bakonao and Gran Piedra, as well as the garden of ferns and of course we will shoot on the unique street of the Padre Pico staircase.
Bakonao is an amazing hybrid of the reserve and amusement park. In addition to the very picturesque palm groves, there is a valley of dinosaurs (about 200 figures of prehistoric animals depicted in full size), the famous «tree of the world» (cotton tree, under which the Spanish army signed the act of surrender), an aboriginal settlement, a small museum with weapons and uniforms participants of the revolution, as well as the Bakonao lagoon — a salt lake with a large beach.
The park of Gran Piedra is a mountain with a giant stone and rugged mountain ranges, as well as secluded beaches. There is a small botanical garden with a collection of daffodils. Once upon a time in the park were settlements of French refugees who founded coffee plantations, the remains of which can still be found on the slopes of the mountains. Most of them, however, are completely abandoned.
After Santiago, we will turn in the opposite direction and on the northern side we will move towards Havana, visiting the peninsula of Cayo Guillermo on the way. We will bathe and rest, shoot and have fun.
Then we return to Havana, where we will spend another day, will take pictures with retro cars and so on.
Full of impressions we will return home.
What would the next year again return to this heaven on earth!

The cost of the tour — 1850 euros with 2 local accommodation or surcharge for 1 local accommodation — 325 euros
Prepayment 550 euros