In July, we set off on a chic photo tour of France.

In July, we set off on a chic photo tour of France.
We will visit Upper and Lower Normandy, Brittany and the central part.
We start our journey from Paris.
Further, our path lies in Upper Normandy.
Beautiful views of the Alabaster coast near the town of Etretat, on the English Channel, attract travelers from all over the world to these lands. White cliffs, dotted with arches, hang here over the raging sea.
On both sides of the city, a path winds up the cliffs. As a reward for going up to the plateau, a gorgeous view of the ocean opens, and the gates in the chalk rock hollowed out by the wind and the sea, an unusual rock with the figure of a “huge elephant that plunged the trunk into the waves”.
Rouen. Moulineaux.
XI century medieval castle located in a picturesque place near Rouen. The property was nicknamed the «Castle of Robert the Devil.» This fortress with classic Romanesque dungeons rises on a high hill with a wonderful view of the Seine.
Not far from the town of Barnville-Carter on the English Channel, a prominent arch extends into the sea at Cape Carter. Here is a lighthouse built in 1830. A picturesque trail leads to it from the city. Walking along the cape is a pleasure: the salty ocean wind is refreshing, mountain goats and sheep graze around, the views are wonderful.
Abbey of Mont Saint Michel
At the foot of a rocky island, an exciting natural phenomenon occurs. In the morning and in the afternoon, the abbey is surrounded by land, but in the evening the water begins to rise, and the territory is surrounded by water.
City of St. Malo.
Port of Saint Malo, located at the mouth of the Rane River on the English Channel. It is known for the most powerful tides in the world, the old city blocks surrounded by a wall, and, of course, beaches.
Rocks made of pink granite.
It is an amazingly beautiful place: a rugged coast with huge boulders of a bizarre shape, turned over thousands of years by the waves of the ocean. Thanks to the rare reddish shade of granite, the rocks at sunset look incomparable!
The house between the rocks called Castel Meur is an extremely popular attraction in the Brittany region. Sandwiched between two cliffs, on a small island, it quickly became one of the region’s most photographed attractions.
Silent and mysterious huge megalithic dolmens in Carnac and Locmariaquer. These are the oldest megaliths in Europe.
Pempon Forest — Brittany’s largest forest. Fairy Forest. Everything from stones to trees is covered with moss. A fascinating and photogenic place.
The city can be considered one of the most beautiful towns in France, with its perfectly preserved historical center.
The city of Le Mans.
The ancient city with castles and architectural splendor.
Further our path lies back to Paris.
The total length of the route is 1,500 km.
Cost of participation in the Tour: 1250 euro
Included in the price:
— Accommodation in hotels in double rooms.
— breakfasts in some hotels.
— comfortable transport along the entire route.
— participation of nude models.
— workshops and training.
— tour organization and route development.
— portfolio review during the tour.
Not included in the price:
— ticket to Paris and back.
— meals (except breakfast in some hotels)
— personal expenses.
Prepayment 250 euro.